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Fibertract Differences in Migraines and Persistent Posttraumatic Headache – Neurology Advisor

Based on node-to-node measurements of radial diffusivity and mean diffusivity, fibertract profiles differ between patients with migraines and patients with persistent posttraumatic headaches, according to a study published in Cephalalgia. Researchers examined changes in fibertract profiles, disease characteristics, and headache frequency in three cohorts of patients: those with migraines, those with persistent posttraumatic headaches, and healthy… Read More »

What We Loved About the Suunto 5 Smartwatch

Aleksi Koskinen / Hasan & Partners Content Studio Suunto, the Finnish orienteering brand best known for its high-level adventure gear, just announced a new fitness smartwatch to be released on June 4. The Suunto 5 (the company’s naming convention isn’t chronological, so you didn’t miss the 1 through 4) is a compact, powerful device that… Read More »