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What We Loved About the Suunto 5 Smartwatch

Aleksi Koskinen / Hasan & Partners Content Studio Suunto, the Finnish orienteering brand best known for its high-level adventure gear, just announced a new fitness smartwatch to be released on June 4. The Suunto 5 (the company’s naming convention isn’t chronological, so you didn’t miss the 1 through 4) is a compact, powerful device that… Read More »

Relief For Pain Patients: CDC Makes Bold Clarification About Opioid Care In NEJM

Patients with chronic pain who need opioid treatment as a life-line have seen some very exciting developments within the span of just two weeks.  Quick backstory: Starting in 2016, many patients who were benefitting from opioids for the treatment of intractable pain were being told by their long-trusted doctors that their doses needed to be… Read More »

The Truth About Psych Units: Part 2

I hope my last post didn’t scare you away from taking action. That was certainly not my intention! In all honesty, admitting myself to the psych unit has saved my life at least a few times. And they’ve all kept me safe. Part I of this series was just a (very) general overview of the state… Read More »