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Discovery by Canadian researchers of how bacteria become resistant to antibiotics could lead to more effective drugs

Ontario researchers say they have discovered how bacteria become resistant to antibiotics, a finding they say could help combat the growing problem. Maikel Rheinstadter, a physics professor with McMaster University in Hamilton, and Andree Khondker, an undergraduate biochemistry student, said they found bacteria fight off antibiotics by stiffening their cell membranes and changing the barrier’s… Read More »

Nanoparticles in food can alter the behavior of gut bacteria

New research on nanoparticles in food has yielded fresh insights about their impact on gut bacteria. Nanoparticles may influence gut bacteria (which are shown here under the electron microscope). Researchers from the University Medical Center of Mainz in Germany and colleagues from other centers in Germany, Austria, and the United States have discovered that the… Read More »

Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Found in Pork Products From Brazil

Pork products (Photo Credits: Pexels) Pork products from Brazil were found to have antibiotic-resistant bacteria according to a study funded by World Animal Protection, an animal rights group. The finding gives credence to the belief that there is unregulated antibiotic use by meat-producing companies and that they ply the livestock with antimicrobial medicines. According to… Read More »