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What’s wrong with health care, and do we have the will to change?

Our health care system is in crisis and needs significant change. So, I was excited to read Dr. Lisa Rosenbaum’s great February 2019 three-part series in the New England Journal of Medicine and accompanied round table about teamwork in health care. Rosenbaum kicks off each piece with a story: How the Brigham’s and Women’s Hospital’s “shock team,”… Read More »

The Best 9 Books About Mental Health

May is national Mental Health Awareness Month and it’s a topic that we give a lot of attention and love to here at Nutrition Stripped. If you think that nutrition has nothing to do with mental health and wellbeing, we’re here to shine a different light on that thought. Our philosophy is rooted in combining… Read More »

Gateway Health, Allegheny Health Network launch opioid program

Allegheny Health Network and Gateway Health have launched a new holistic treatment plan to fight opioid addiction related to chronic pain management. The Enhanced Pain Management Program will build on each organization’s success in treating opioid addiction and will unite alternative non-opioid therapies with support services to help patients successfully manage their physical pain. In… Read More »