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Which foods can help you sleep?

Sleep affects every aspect of health. Fortunately, some foods and drinks contain compounds that help control parts of the sleep cycle, meaning that they may help a person both fall and stay asleep. Sleep quality and duration can affect a wide array of conditions, including: However, getting enough sleep can be tricky. According to the… Read More »

Vaev Tissue- This Company Sells Snot-Filled Tissues That Will Help You Catch Cold

Vaev tissue (Photo Credits; Pixabay,vaevtissue.com) If you could choose to get sick or not, what would you do? While most of us would want a big ‘NO’, an American company is selling bacteria induced tissues to make people sick. Vaev Tissue, the only product of a Los Angeles based startup costs USD 79.99 (Rs. 5000).… Read More »