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Pedestrian Deaths Are at an All-Time High

As little as 150 minutes of walking each week may reduce your risk of all-cause mortality,1 reduce your insulin resistance2 and contribute to a fitness routine, helping improve your balance, metabolism and mood.3 However, while walking is a simple and easy way to integrate fitness into your daily routine, it’s important to pay attention to… Read More »

Harvard panel addresses high maternal mortality rates

Speaking via closed-circuit video, Karen Scott, project director the California Birth Equity Collaborative, cited specific evidence of institutionalized racism, including the lesser personal attention and health counseling that black women receive as patients. “What in the system allows variation in the responsiveness to a black mother who is reporting symptoms that are dismissed and discounted?… Read More »

A High Protein Reduced Calorie Diet Helps Older People Lose Weight Safely

According to results from a randomized controlled trial, a high protein reduced calorie diet can help older obese individuals lose more weight and “bad” fat, while maintaining muscle mass and improving bone quality.[1] Geriatricians have struggled with safe weight loss recommendations for the elderly due to the muscle and bone loss that can result from… Read More »